Backgammon Newbie on the Loose

Backgammon is a wonderful game which you can relax and indulge in. Like every board and entertainment game, Backgammon is prone to have several newbie players. Once a Backgammon fan, you will always remain a Backgammon fan and you have to find a way to work yourself up from your newbie status into the ranks of a master at the best board game there is. We are here to help you eliminating the newbie status and we will show you useful tips and tricks that you will need in combating other Backgammon players.

Backgammon is a fairly easy game for a newbie and the hardest part about it is the actual game strategy in order to defeat the other players. Backgammon is played with two players only who both combat against each other in the attempt to bring the checkers of each player out of the board. Every newbie will get a base which is the home of your checkers and every newbie receives fifteen checkers to be placed on certain spots called points. The points are the triangular stripes on the Backgammon board.

Each player has to place five checkers in their own bases, and then they have to place three checkers on their side of the board and another five on the opponent's side and two checkers in the base of the opponent. Every newbie should try to bring all the checkers into the base as fast as possible, but sometimes speed is not the smartest thing in Backgammon. In order for the newbie to win, it takes a little more than just the basic game play.

An important tip for a newbie is that you can knock opponent's checkers out of the board which will send them right back to your base to start from. Sometimes it is smart to knock out and sometimes it backfires. You can only knock out a checker that is placed on a point all by itself. If you knock a checker out and you have unprotected checkers in your base, then the other player can send your checker back to the beginning.

Another trick that is new to a newbie is that you should try to fill your base so that whenever you knock out a checker, they cannot enter back into the game because your home does not have any empty spaces to jump back into. If you are a newbie, you should always calculate the probability of loosing checkers or kicking checkers out of the game.

A newbie will easily find the best way to win in Backgammon since this board game is very user friendly and easy to understand. The most important thing that a newbie should know is that you should have fun playing Backgammon no matter if you win or lose.

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