Online Backgammon Rules

More and more people are joining online Backgammon rooms in order to participate in the games and possibly profit from them. Even though you might know the basic Backgammon rules, reading over them again can vastly improve how you play online Backgammon.

In online Backgammon, each opponent has 15 checkers which he moves across the board and eventually takes them out. The move of the Backgammon checkers is done according to the roll of the dice. There are 24 triangles on the board, which are called points. The checkers move along the points in the direction of the opponent's homeboard.

In online Backgammon standard dice are used in the game. If a player gets double score, then he moves the checkers 4 times. For example, if you get double 3, then you can move any checkers 4 times.

In online Backgammon there is the option of doubling, which raises the stakes times two. The double has to be accepted by the opponent, or else he loses.

Another important online Backgammon game concerns hitting. You can hit on a single checker, and then that checker is taken out to the bar. The other player cannot continue playing unless he gets his checker out of the bar and into his homeboard, which is the start of the checkers.

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