Find a Backgammon Board To Order Online

You can easily find a backgammon board to order online. There is a dizzying array to choose from and you can browse and order at any time of the night or day.

Definitely not a backgammon board to order online, though, is Bernard Maquin's US $1,200,000.00 bejewelled board. Made with gold and silver and adorned with over 60,000 diamonds, the novelty piece is more suited to a museum than a tournament.

Also not likely to be a backgammon board to order online is the Renault set worth US $27,300.00. Racing enthusiasts will be interested to know that it includes parts of the Formula One race cars of the famous company.

Still not in the running as a backgammon board to order online is the US $6,040.20 black leather set by Dunhill. It will be safe to say that the same goes for the US $4,000.00 red sycamore wood set by Elie Bleu of France, even with its 18 karat gold plated hinges.

Perhaps not for the average buyer but more geared toward the professional backgammon player is the tournament backgammon set by Geoffrey Parker from the United Kingdom. Made of genuine top-of-the-line leather, it comes in various colors to match any personality. The price tag quotes it at $2,450.00.

For homebodies who take pride in showing off well-appointed living spaces, the backgammon board to order online would probably be one built into a classy table with matching chairs. Priced at more than US $1,000.00, such a table is either made of mahogany or oak and includes other games like craps, chess, checkers and roulette. The games are hidden when the tables are being used for dining or other purposes.

Another worthy backgammon board to order online would be an antique set even at prices of over US $1,000.00.

The more likely choice of the average Internet buyer for a backgammon board to order online, though, would be one that costs US $999.00 and below.

The backgammon sets costing between US $999.00 to US $100.00 are mostly handcrafted from hardwood or the best quality leather. They also use only the finest materials in their fittings and interiors, paying close attention to workmanship and detail.

Some of these fine backgammon sets are eventually sold at reduced prices, though, and may then fall within the price range of US $99.00 and below. There are also a lot of good travel backgammon boards sold way below a hundred dollars. The backgammon sets made of synthetic materials are even cheaper and may also be of good quality.

Set your budget then browse within that price range to find your ideal backgammon board to order online.

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