Interesting Backgammon Game Pieces

Backgammon is similar to Chess in more ways than one. Backgammon is a board game that relies on skill more than on luck. It has become popular in putting two players against each other in a contest of wits. As with Chess, the Backgammon game pieces are not only important in carrying out the play but also holds significant roles that every good-thinking player must know about.

Backgammon game pieces includes a board, two sets of checkers at fifteen pieces each, two pairs of dice, two dice cups, and a doubling cube.

The board is divided in the center by a partition popularly known as the bar. The bar separates the home board from the outer board. At the start of a game, all checkers are placed into the outer board to travel to the home board (more on that later). The board has twenty-four points, from which the checkers' movements will be made. Opposing players always move from the upper points to the lower points. The players' corresponding home boards are always on the lower part of the board. This clearly means that players move in opposite direction and that their checkers move the whole track to reach their respective home boards.

The checkers' starting position is always this way for each player: two pieces on the 24th point, five on the 13th point, three on the 8th point, and five on the 6th point. As the object of the game is for the players to move all their checkers into their respective home boards and bear them off, the checkers serves as the more important Backgammon game pieces. The checkers are naturally the heart and soul of the game.

The pair of dice initiates the movement of the checkers. Rolling the dice determines who moves first and how many movements a player is allowed to. If a player rolls a two on both of his dice, that means he's got a 'double' which multiplies the number of movement by four. If it's a double two, then a player is allowed for two movements times four. Checkers can only be moved to free points where no more than one opponent's piece is present. Obviously, the dice are cast and shook inside the dice cup.

The doubling cube is another important player among the Backgammon game pieces. It is the six-faced dice that bears the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. The doubling cube not only keeps tracks of the number of units at stake in each game but also used to mark the player who last doubled.

Backgammon game pieces are vital equipment to carry on a game of Backgammon. They are usually made of beautifully crafted wood with interesting carvings and sleek finish. In this modernized world of ours, Backgammon game pieces now have their virtual versions, which are used in online gambling.

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