The Tapa Variant of Backgammon

The game of Tapa is yet another form of the traditional backgammon game wherein the word tapa would mean bottle cap, which is considered a name that is appropriate for it as the goal is that one player must block out the pieces of the other player.

Checker movements and the goals that are found in the Tapa game are just the same as that of backgammon apart from two major differences. The first difference is that the blot or a solitary checker will not be taken away upon being hit, and would just result in the other player's checker resting on the top of the said blot. Doing so in such a manner would then form a point. Players can form points just like the normal backgammon way and this is done by putting two or maybe more of the player's own checkers in the exact same slot. If the player makes a blot in a home slot that belongs to him, it then is covered, and the player would end up losing a backgammon just as long as the other player has not done the same, in which case it would then be considered as a tie in the match.

The Tapa game is really a game that needs strategy as the player must make use of various strategies in order to avoid being caught near his own home in the board. He must find ways in order to get the rival player to free his own blot by tactical means such as blocking the other player's checkers, therefore making him submit and have no other option in terms of movement. During the game play of this variation of the backgammon game, many experienced players would often advise the people who are fairly new to this game to move in a slower pace rather than to move in a faster pace. There is no need to rush or hurry. For instance, the primes are most often times than not, useless as when an opponent would have enough amount of space behind the prime in order for him to make short moves. When neither the player nor his opponent in the game are caught at an early period of the game, both players then would aim to place their checkers, moving them in an almost prime formation. This often gives way for dramatic situations when both players would try passing through each other in order to win the game eventually.

The Tapa game is a very famous game in the country of Bulgaria and is considered as one of the favorite pastimes for many retired Bulgarians.

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